What is the sound of one person camping?

by Mike Girard

Your mellow won't get harshed at a new South Shore campground on Lacey Mines Road in Chester, Nova Scotia that aims to help you re-center yourself.

"Energy healing and reiki has been an important part of my life. It helps bring a sense of calm and harmony within oneself, and that is what I want to offer people who come to camp here," said Carrie Hayden, owner of the campground.

Since relocating to the South Shore from Halifax, Hayden and her partner Andrew Scott have put in untold hours of labor clearing land and building privies to make room for the Lacey Mines Campground and Storage.

With 12 spots open to visitors on July 1, the couple is offering something of a niche back woods experience: Zen camping.

Campers who come to stay at the couple's gorgeous property will have an opportunity to take part in yoga sessions, tree bathing, and meditation lessons.

A centerpiece of the zen camping experience is something called the "Mother Tree," a space to ground yourself and take a minute to stop, breath and enjoy life.

Scott told the LighthouseNow that the couple wants to expand the campground into the back half of their 22 acre lot, which stretches to the shores of the picturesque Gold River.

"We're starting small this year, but we plan to grow the campground to over 100 lots," said Scott.

"There is a rich history to explore here as well. This property was an active gold mine and we want to be able to explore that and share it with visitors," said Scott.

Gold River was one nine mining communities that sprung up along the South Shore during the province's first "gold rush" between 1861 and 1874.

In addition to the camping experience, the couple is also offering RV, Boat, and ATV storage for the off season.

The couple has an active Facebook page that has generated a lot of interest. If you'd like to experience zen camping for yourself, you can call to make reservations at (902) 275-2446.

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