Vandalism prompts closure of overflow lot at Bridgewater multiplex


The Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre (LCLC) slammed the brakes on stunting motorists making a mess of its Cook Road overflow parking lot and nearby grounds by blocking access to those spaces with cement slabs.

The multipurpose facility posted on a social media page that, due to the "destructive activity and vandalism," officials announced restrictions January 29 "until we go back to hosting events that require the parking."

Fed-up with the property mischief, which became problematic over the last couple of months, the LCLC's management decided to clamp down on the reoccurring issue.

"Given where we are with COVID-19, and we just don't have the big events like we used to, the easiest solution was to block it off," Andrew Tanner, chairman of the corporate board overseeing LCLC's operations, told LighthouseNOW. "That's the action the general manager took, and the board supported that."

The lot was established at the same time the LCLC was built in the town's business park. It can accommodate approximately 50 parking spaces and comes in handy, especially when the South Shore Lumberjacks Junior A franchise plays home games under ordinary circumstances.

The COVID-19 pandemic, along with associated public health restrictions and anecdotal complications, have made real life anything but normal. With more time on their hands, it would appear there are those who are seeking out new activities, whether legal or illegal.

The lot was in good shape until tire tracks marked up the pavement along with the grounds of a grassy hill. Spray-painted, and apparently objectionable, words and symbols have been smeared on a couple of storage containers in the same lot, located at on the left side at end of Cook Road.

The Bridgewater Police Service is aware of the issue but, like most law enforcement agencies, it can't afford to have officers stationary in one spot for lengthy amounts of time waiting for something that may or may not happen. Rather, police increased patrols and suggested the cement barricades, according to Tanner.

The LCLC is working on a significant boost to its wireless network capacity. Tanner expects that change will translate to expanded video surveillance footage that will include that lot.

Meanwhile, he advised, the barricade is temporary. Once big events return to the LCLC, the parking spaces will be needed, said Tanner.

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