Local man faces charges after impaired driving arrest near deadly Aldersville crash

by Keith Corcoran

A man was taken into custody near the scene of a deadly vehicle crash in Aldersville for impaired driving but his arrest is unrelated to the incident that earlier claimed a woman's life.

RCMP confirm an Aldersville man, 85, faces charges of drunk driving and failing to comply with a breath demand after a vehicle approached police units doing traffic control and the driver was told the road was closed.

  • <p>KEITH CORCORAN, PHOTO</p><p>A RCMP officer helps a man to his feet near a police car. Law enforcement took the man into custody for alleged impaired driving.</p>

It was at that point law enforcement noted the driver showed signs of alcohol impairment, police said in a statement released November 4.

Open liquor and a shotgun was seized from the vehicle. The man is due to appear in a Bridgewater court in January to face the allegations.

LighthouseNOW was news-gathering coverage of the November 2 crash scene when RCMP escorted the man from a Ford Escape to a waiting police car after telling him he was under arrest in relation to the criminal code charge.

A number of uniformed police officers were examining the accident scene when the man came to the attention of law enforcement. Paramedics and volunteer firefighters had already cleared from the site.

A RCMP officer guided the arrested man across Highway 12 on the south side of the crash scene. Just before reaching the police car, the man lost his footing and fell but managed to put his hand up to avoid slamming into the side of the marked cruiser. It took the help of a second officer to get the man to his feet and into the backseat.

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