New Blockhouse mural draws attention to climate crisis

by Kevin McBain

  • <p>KEVIN MCBAIN PHOTO</p><p>This mural located on the garage door at the Printer Corner&#8217;s office at the four-way stop in Blockhouse.</p>
  • <p>KEVIN MCBAIN PHOTO</p><p>Mural creator Sam Ali said he designed the mural to send a message that global warming is real.</p>


A mural on a garage door that was recently put up at the four-way stop in Blockhouse is creating a stir.

Sam Ali, owner of Printer's Corner, designed and put up the 8 by 10 feet vinyl mural two weeks ago.

The mural combines two photos showing a partially-submerged sign that says "Global Warming," with the word "Myth" underneath along with a man dressed in a shirt and tie swimming after a $100 bill on a hook.

"The idea of the mural initially was to do some advertising for Printer's Corner. Then I said to myself, you know what, it's a canvas, why not put a little message out there," said Ali, whose business recently underwent massive renovations. "

There are a lot of things in this world that we feel we can not do a lot about. I said to myself, why not put a little something out there to bring some attention to global warming."

He said that he thought the image would be self-explanatory. But soon after putting it up, he found himself fielding phone calls. That led to him adding the words, "Is Not A" to the word "myth" on the side of the sign in order to make the message clearer.

"People thought that I was against global warming and that it was a myth. That's what some people were taking from the image," said Ali. "I think when people were driving past they were just fixated on the sign that said Global Warming Myth without looking at the picture as a whole. I guess when they say the pen is mightier than the sword, or a picture is worth a thousand words; the pen won this one."

He said that he has learned a couple of things from this process.

"One, from a personal-social perspective, I was surprised at how quick people came to a judgment without taking a second look, which kind of surprised me. I put it together and there was nothing ambiguous to me," said Ali.

"From a sign-maker's perspective, I realize that if you are going to put up a mural, people are only going to see it for one, two, three seconds. If you want to put a message across, you better make sure that it is clear from the get-go."

Ali is a firm believer in global warming, especially given the melting ice floes in the north and the fires currently burning in the Amazon rain forest.

"We are contributing to global warming, there is no question about that," he said. "I think it's just at what rate that we will be contributing," he said.

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