Lunenburg buys watershed properties


Lunenburg bought the equivalent of about 60 soccer fields to further protect land surrounding the source from where its potable water supply originates.

Civic politicians, by motion during a recent council meeting, agreed to a purchase-and-sale deal involving four parcels of Lunenburg County property belonging to Michael Touesnard.

Mayor Matt Risser wasn't sure if it was the town expressing interest first, or if Touesnard broached the issue, but, either way, Lunenburg jumped at the opportunity to have a say on what can, or cannot, be done with the lands in question.

"There's no level of protection better than ownership," Risser told LighthouseNOW.

Lunenburg paid $240,000 for 58 hectares of mostly water view property fronting Dares Lake.

"We were well positioned to work with the Tousenards," Risser added. "They've been really good stewards for the land, so we're really grateful to them for making that opportunity possible."

All of the parcels are in the community of Spectacle Lakes and accessible off the Awalt Road. The largest slab measures 29 hectares and has a market value assessment of $14,900. The next largest property is 17 hectares and is assessed at just under $10,000. A 10-hectare parcel is valued at $5,800, while a two-hectare piece holds a $1,200 market value assessment.

Risser said the town has money via reserves collected through its water utility for the purpose of taking advantage of things such as land acquisitions in the watershed area.

Dares Lake is split into four communities, including Big Lots, Centre, Northwest, in addition to Spectacle Lakes.

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