Letters to the Editor

Canada Post worker goes above and beyond

Complaining about Canada Post has long been a Canadian pastime. I wanted to take an opportunity to sing their praises.

On New Year's Eve, we had a parcel delivered to our community mailbox, but we were unable to retrieve it due to a broken lock. I called Canada Post to make them aware of the situation and was redirected to (someone named) Laura, who took my information.

Due to the holiday, mail delivery was not going to resume until Jan.4. When I mentioned being disappointed because the parcel was a birthday gift, Laura kindly offered to stop and open the mailbox for me on her way home from work. It was not on her route home, but she insisted that it was no trouble.

It was incredibly kind and thoughtful of her to do this for me, and I think she deserves a shout out. More than ever, during these trying times, a seemingly small act of kindness can have a big impact. It was a reminder to me to try harder every day to be that change we wish to see in the world.

Sheri McGill


A little order, please

This is in regard to receiving most booster shots.

The first two shots were handled like a well-oiled machine. The booster not so. Why on earth not finish one age group before opening the next?

I certainly have nothing against any age group, but a little order would be welcome. I am 87 years old and have been trying for over three months to get a Pfizer appointment. Starting at 6 a.m. in the morning, on hold for up to 50 minutes, and then told there is nothing available.

Does the government really expect people to stand in line for two hours? By the way, I am so glad that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau got his booster shot at a pharmacy in Ottawa.

Helga Duff


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